Inspirations, new projects and fun adventures along the coast....

Creative Inspiration: How Lilly Pulitzer and Mark Rothko Rocked My New England Aesthetic October 12 2018

Like a taste for food, I find myself inspired by the same things again and again.

Sometimes, the most random things spark creative inspiration--like catching a glimpse of a wrapper in a trash can or a color a graffiti artist chose on a wall downtown -- like this one, I ran by every day while training for the Maine Marathon: 

But there are the great influencers too–the artists who help us learn and shape our opinions, whose work we love forever. Like Monet and Matisse, who taught me a new way to see colors and shape:

Or Mark Rothko, whose lonely but intense horizons showed me that a lot can be happening in something that seems so simple:

Or Pablo Picasso, who made me curious about modern and abstract art:

Or Lilly Pulitzer, who inspired me to notice how much geographical themes are linked to color and style. Did you know she first set out to sell freshly squeezed juice? When her hobby hand-made dress designs started selling faster than her juice, she brilliantly heeded the call and changed her business course!

My biggest takeaway from these masters is probably my love for color. combinations that are reflective of place, so the colors, fabrics, and textures all become representative of the coastal lifestyle, and landscape.

If you are a lover of art, the ocean, and living life to the fullest, check out our latest styles, reflecting color, contrast, local flavor and fun! You may see hints of some of these mentors in them. :)

Lemons to Lemonade; reflections of how our biggest critics become our most important teachers. (In life and work) September 17 2018

Once I got an email from a customer who had a bad experience with my products. She had purchased some gifts when we were hustling through holiday orders and we were unorganized and we didn't have our packaging figured out, and she received an underwhelming package that she had been excited to give as a gift. When she emailed me offering feedback, she didn't hold back telling me my package was a huge disappointment to her and all of the reasons why. I was crushed, embarrassed and upset. I hadn't realized at that point how much I didn’t know about selling my work. At the time, I was so exhausted from working so hard that I couldn't read her email and absorb her honest complaints in the way I needed to.

After the dust settled, my customer’s remarks sunk in. Thanks to this honest person who took the time to offer thoughtful and relevant feedback, I had to face my shortcomings -- we had no plan in place for packaging and we really needed one. We needed to pay closer attention to how our customers receive our shipments and how the experience would feel for them. It was the part of the process I had completely overlooked. Since then, we’ve made packaging a priority, and we use it as an opportunity to treat all items as thoughtfully wrapped gifts so that whoever is receiving the item receives a gift, whether they purchased it for themselves or for a friend or loved one.


This experience made it clear that our packaging is just as important as our hand-crafted products. Whether you’re buying a canvas tote or a high-end piece of jewelry, the package is the first thing you as the customer see, feel, and experience about the company so we use our packaging as a way to enhance the experience for you. It's the perfect opportunity for us to introduce our products in thoughtful and clever ways so customers enjoy their experience more. And for us, that's what it's all about.

Thankfully, we've had better responses from emails since we changed up our packaging game.

Some of our recent customer feedback, (so much better to read these kinds of emails....!) :

"I absolutely love it!!! Finding your business was really awesome, and the tote and pouches are very special to me! By the way, the packaging was a nice touch---very classy!" -Kate

"Your designs are stunning & what a nice surprise it was to receive such a happy looking package!" -Deb 


Custom Decor For Your Favorite Beach House, Lake House or Home February 12 2018

Do you have one of those annual summer trips you love to take every year with your family? To that place that will always connect you to childhood memories of racing off the dock into freezing water, or collecting shells along the beach you know with your eyes closed? Maybe it’s just you and the girls on a bachelorette weekend in an unfamiliar but unforgettable scene. Or maybe it's simply your family home that is the rock in the backdrop of your life. Re-connecting to the good times will always make you feel good, and you can enhance those memories with custom products designed in honor of your favorite place or vacation.

The Ultimate Host/Hostess Thank-You Gift: Custom Throw Pillows
After vacationing with friends at a lake house in Bonne Terre, Missouri, a client asked us to create a gift for their family's hosts, based on the location of their Lake House. They asked for a rustic, whimsical set of pillows with slate blue and beige to match the decor of the home. The pillows we created shared the same cheerful and whimsy style and referenced different views of the area. One custom-pillow zoomed in on Lac Capri and the Lake House address on Lac Capri. The other featured a view of the region of Terre du Lac, including several lakes in the area.

Imprinted Memories - Custom & Personal
Our custom decor enables you to go back to your favorite spot or gift a favorite place to someone else. We think customizing things like wall art and throw pillows enhances the gift-giving experience and we know first hand our items make for great conversation pieces in the home!


Attitude of Gratitude: 5 Health Benefits of Giving Thanks ❤️ November 14 2017

Thanksgiving: that one holiday on the schedule where we get to focus on reflection, togetherness, and giving thanks. Traditionally, we hang out with family and friends, feast on turkey and apple pie and then watch football. A lot of us thank the universe for our bounty on this day. But, beyond this one, grateful, yummy dinner, did you know that it's actually good for your health to count your blessings on a regular basis? 

Gratitude Beyond the Surface

From promoting solid sleep to heart health, studies show that being grateful can aid many physical and mental ailments and that learning to retrain our thinking by focusing on the things we are thankful for helps pave a brighter future for ourselves and our loved ones. How? Here are a few ways counting your blessings does a body (and soul) good:

1. Good Sleep = Good Vibes 
Studies show that considering your blessings before bed or writing in a “gratitude journal” will help improve your sleep. For those who have difficulty sleeping at night, writing your thoughts and feelings subconsciously allows your mind to empty. This leads to better, restful sleep, so you truly feel refreshed and ready to face your day the next morning. 

2. Building Mental Strength 
Strength isn’t just physical; it’s mental too. As humans, we carry a lot of mental loads–financial, work, family and sometimes it feels impossible to practice gratitude on a regular basis when you're on-the-go. But it can be done and, once achieved, creates the healthy mental atmosphere that reduces stress, and allows you to enjoy your time more. When you consider your options, you really only have two choices: to be grateful or not to be. Looking at it that way makes an impression, doesn't it? 

3. Healthy Heart  
Did you know that stress is the leading cause of doctor visits and disease? A grateful heart can lessen your chances of heart disease and condition your mind to appreciate what you would normally look past. Give yourself a chance to indulge in exercising your mind in this way and see if you notice your heart feeling calmer. 

4. Pissed to Blissed 
With everything going on in the news these days, on the highways, or in social media outlets, anger can happen to anyone. I mean, do you know anyone who doesn't get pissed off in response to comments under the latest political post on youtube or facebook? Practicing gratitude when you would otherwise prefer to be angry is probably one of the hardest things you could do in the moment, but if you can consider your blessings from a bigger picture perspective, it's easier to think rationally about the problem and make steps towards a positive approach. And, frankly, skip the anger altogether by taking a different road and NOT reading the stupid FB comments. Big chance you will feel better immediately.  

5. Don’t Worry, Be Happy 
Grateful thinking teaches your mind to put your situation, family, friends, and the busy holiday season into perspective. When you focus on what you have around you, all the menial aspects seem to be smaller and you feel happier

Bottom Line: Share the Love! 
Finally, beyond your own body and soul, having an attitude of gratitude also helps other people in ways that are not necessarily quantifiable: can you remember a time when someone thanked you for something you didn't expect and it made your day? That contagious positive energy is something we are all capable of spreading around. 


So, the challenge is carving out time to feel gratitude amidst the business of the season and all the to-dos--shopping, kids, dinner parties, office parties, what to wear, what to buy, what to cook, when to write holiday cards...: how to show our love in the best way possible. It's a long to-do list! And although practicing gratitude seems like just another thing to add to the list, it can be done with a small amount of effort. It's not hard, just a few minutes a day will make a difference and you will feel satisfaction amidst the chaos. During tooth-brushing for example. Or when you get into bed, or when you're fixing your coffee in the morning....

Let's all be that light for ourselves and others this holiday and beyond. ❤️


5 Tips on Winterizing Your Coastal Home October 27 2017

As we say goodbye to summer, we welcome fall and the coming winter. With cooler days ahead it doesn’t matter if you live on the coast of Miami Beach or Bar Harbor, Maine, Winter comes in all forms. You want to winterize your home no matter where you are! Bring those warm and comforting foods to your table, light up some spicy candles, and customize your favorite spot in the house. If you can’t have the snowfall of your favorite childhood town, you can surely find it in the form of home decor. Make an easy transition from summer to fall to winter in these 5 easy time and money-saving steps.

1. Soothing Colors
White is nice, but leave the Winter Wonderland outside. Instead, go with a red-to-yellow scheme, mixing earthy tones, such as brown and beige. From custom wall art in the dining area to lofty window panels in the living room, you will be surprised at how much of a difference those small changes make in your home.

2. Lush Textiles

Wool and velvet bring a sense of warmth, comfort, and life when winterizing your home. Items such as custom throw pillows and throw blankets, give off a “stay awhile,” cozy feeling, especially if your views overlook a peaceful lake or ocean-scape. Area rugs with patterns of burgundies, greens, and deep yellows add that splash of color to the rest of your earth tone decor. It’s all about warmth and creating that cozy feeling all around your home.

3. Switch Up Furniture
If there’s one thing we all love about the holidays it’s the gathering of friends and family. Without renovating your entire room(s), rearrange some furniture around a bit. Maybe that old chestnut coffee table in the spare bedroom will fit perfectly in the living room next to the reclining chair or sofa. Another way to winterize your home by switching around your furniture is to create a space for gathering to take place. For example, arranging the seating closer together and over an area rug to make the space a little more prominent when guests gather around.  

4. Light it Up
Ahh, yes, there is nothing like the comfort of those fall and winter scents permeating throughout the house. And it’s perfectly fine to take advantage of this lovely comforting scent during the holidays. Keep your electric costs efficient with the chic simplicity of candles. Not only can they add to the ambiance and warmth of the season, your senses will appreciate the wintery reminiscence of Christmases past.

5. Add Your Favorite Wintery Wonderland Memory
Everyone has that universal hunger for bringing those childhood memories back to life around the holidays. Sledding, warm mugs of cocoa, and family gatherings at a favored destination are a few superlatives of what most would consider treasured memories. As you winterize your home for the season, you may want to consider adding custom wall art to your favorite reading nook. You could display your favorite childhood town on stretch canvas, overlooking nearby streets that take you down memory lane.

Weekend-Away Guide To The Bold Coast! September 21 2017

Just when you think you’ve seen all of Maine’s breathtaking treasures, there’s Machias and an adventure by foot to be had on The Bold Coast hiking trails in Cutler, Maine. Downeast Maine can seem like uncharted territory to many folks, but this area is full of scenic adventure, and some rich history. While the weather has a refreshing chill (and while you can still get a lobster roll along the road), these two must-visit Maine vacation spots will offer a memorable stay, whether visiting as a tourist or a fellow Mainer out for some exploring.

The Talbot House Inn, Machias

Quaint Machias

To get there, drive past Bar Harbor and Acadia, making your way Downeast. The little town of Machias hides comfortably in Washington County. Surrounded by Machias Bay and sharing a bit of the serene Yoho Creek, the area is widely known for the Raid on Machias in 1777, and is the home of the Burnham Tavern Museum where you can brush up on your naval war history. Follow up your day with a stay at The Talbot House Inn, where you will feel as though you've stepped back in time. This beautiful inn features colonial style shutters, refinished tin ceilings, exposed beams, and tall 19th-century windows. The innkeepers are a husband and wife team, who restored the property themselves after seeing it for sale on the internet. The inn offers six elegant rooms to choose from, plus common areas to eat and relax including the Gathering Kitchen and Formal Dining Room where a house-made breakfast is served every day. You can also enjoy the library and separate living room for quiet reading.

Before you leave town, grab a bite at Helen’s Restaurant down the street, where you can have an authentic Maine meal, followed by a piece of their famous blueberry pie!

Cutler's Bold & Brave

Just a short half hour drive up the coast from Machias lies the Bold Coast Trail system in Cutler, and this is worth the visit! Unlike many Maine trails inland, the Bold Coast trail lines high cliffs overlooking the ocean. The only sounds you will hear here are the sounds of nature, your own voice, or an occasional outboard from a lobster boat somewhere off in the distance. When you reach the bony edges of the bluffs trail (about 1.5-2 miles in) you will be looking straight out to the mighty Atlantic, so bring your good camera!

Bold Coast Hiking, Cutler MaineViews from The Bold Coast Hiking Trail, Cutler Maine

The Fairy Head Loop hike is a quiet 9.2 miles round-trip hike that takes you along the shorefront and then inland through an open meadow. This path stretches farther out on the trail to a large beaver pond and freshwater, grassy marsh. It’s pretty hard to believe that the majestic ocean and breathtaking forest exist literally miles from each other until you visit this Maine hiking spot and see for yourself.

Spunky pinecones, poised to survive the harsh weather conditions of the exposed north Atlantic coast, and moss covered rocks along the stream. 

Fun Maine coast adventures will forever implant memories that speak directly to us. At Coastline, we are always here to capture those good times with products designed to celebrate the places you love. Check out our custom gifts today and in the meantime, head up the coast for a fun fall fete!

Destination Wedding: A Profile of a New England Wedding with Handmade Bowties and Welcome Favor Totes September 04 2017

Coastline brings you a picturesque, New England destination wedding and the first ceremony to have graced Mitch Field in Harpswell. This breathtaking scene lay across a lush green landscape with plenty of sunlight and savory local cuisine.


The destination idea stemmed from fun childhood memories. This was a favored shore the bride sailed by as a child on her family's J22, and she wanted to be sure each guest felt the spirit and beauty of coastal Maine on this special day.

Prior to the big day and planning from a distance, the bride and groom were creative with the style and color scheme -- they matched their desired colors to paint swatches from Home Depot and mailed them to our team at Coastline!

Going with the theme, they chose the map of their wedding destination as the design for the ties and totes. Each of the groomsmen (and children!) wore our custom-made bow and neck ties with their custom color blend mimicking Glidden’s Bay Coral and Aqua Seamist. The handmade totes boasted the playful and cheery nautical colors on a sturdy canvas. These roomy bags were given to each of the guests as a reminder of the of this truly nautical and very fun wedding.



Originally from Virginia, the couple brought their hometown magic to the east coast, with a little originality. The bride rode into town (and to the ceremony) in her father's refurbished Studebaker Avanti, and the groom rode in on a 1969 International Scout. Needless to say, their unique styles blended together to make a one-of-a-kind destination wedding in Maine. 

Thank you, Sarah and Dan, for calling on us to create your super cool Coast of Maine Bow Ties!

Photography by Amy Devenney Photography.

Flowers by Pretty Flowers Maine.

Weekend Adventure Downeast & The Hunt For the Season's Best Lobster Roll July 27 2017

Summer in Maine is one of the best times to get outside and explore more of what Vacationland has to offer. If you’re a local and the tourist traffic feels stale, or if you’re looking for something new and different, you can catch a few rays, go for a hike, and grab a bite to eat without the crowds of summertime tourists by taking a trip Downeast. Farrrrr Downeast. Like to Lubec. Have you been there yet?

The south usually gets all the glory and it can be easy to forget about the part of Maine that stretches northeast from Mt. Desert Island to Canada. But we think it’s worth it to visit the places in Maine that still feel quiet, a bit old-fashioned, and pre-yuppified quaint. And while you're at it, stop along the road for a taste of Maine.

Lubec, Maine is the little historic last stand of land before the border of Canada along the Bay of Fundy. These days it's a quiet village but has an interesting history while offering authentic Maine personality and the famous livelihood that keeps people committed to living on this far away, isolated outpost: fisheries and lobster.

Becky’s seafood shack camps out along Johnson Bay on the main road into the village. This year, on our annual “Best Lobster Roll” quest, Becky's won our vote. Becky offers the freshest seafood this side of Maine, without the frenetic traffic jams and happy madness that accompany summer here! Plus, your picnic table overlooks the iconic bay, just past all the lobster traps and gear in Becky’s yard.


You can easily make a weekend of exploring the Downeast Coast and check out Machias, Cutler, and Eastport along with a stopover in Lubec for a lobster roll and a look around. The Bold Coast Hiking Trail in Cutler is worth the drive for a stunning hike along miles of headlands overlooking the Bay of Fundy. You won't regret it.

*Fun Fact: Though small and often overlooked, Lubec was once a happening place and the site of an investment fraud by two men from Martha’s Vinyard in the late 1800’s. The Reverend Prescott Jernegan and his business partner, Charles Fisher, devised a scam claiming they could extract gold from seawater. They created the Electrolytic Marine Salts Company in 1897 and built a plant for their gold-producing activities in Lubec, Maine. They took hundreds of thousands of dollars from investors and were ultimately exposed, fleeing to the South Pacific and New Zealand without ever being tried for their crime.

Truth be told, Lubec is still a gold mine to be discovered, and a fun stop on your next Downeast weekend adventure away. 


Locally Grown: Why American-Made Brands Are Making a Comeback July 12 2017


It's hard to imagine a better shopping option than today's marketplace, where we have access to a world of products, pricing and lightning fast shipping available at our fingertips. Home decor, clothing, and accessories are hot commodities now featuring an unending supply of styles, threads, and textures. The selection is seductive, and in many cases, we browse popular stores and fall in love with a specific item but give little thought to where it came from or who made it.

At Coastline, we believe there’s a time for everything: a time to buy from a big store, and a time to buy from a grass-roots operation. When you’re hustling to get your guest house furnished for your Airbnb customers, there’s no reason not to cash in on the fabulous selection of armchairs and rugs and pricing to match at big value stores, but before you grab that next special gift for your best friend, here are some reasons you may consider reaching for a product that is American-made instead:

1. Helping to Grow Our Economy

When you buy American-made products, you are supporting the growth and sustainability of our economy by providing jobs for independent workers. The one, two or ten products you decide to buy are actually supporting not only the makers but also the writers, photographers, technicians, materials suppliers, printers, web designers and so many other people behind the scenes who help that item come to life. They all participate in getting those products created and delivered to your doorstep or favorite downtown boutique.


2. Choosing Quality Over Quantity

Imported items aren’t created to the same standard and because our government cannot control foreign labor or manufacturing standards, so there are no guarantees on quality or longevity. For example, toys made overseas usually contain high levels of lead because of heavy pollutants used during the manufacturing process. American-made toys may cost slightly more, but it’s easier to discern how they were made and what materials were used in order to produce them. They also need to uphold manufacturing standards set in place by the US government.

Local makers face the stiff competition of lower-priced imported goods, so their products need to outperform the big brand competition through quality. Most small brand products in today’s market are designed to leave a lasting impression through attention to detail, unique fabrications and superior craftsmanship.

3. Labor with Love

When you buy imported low-cost goods, especially those made in third world countries, you’ll probably notice the product costs significantly less than artisan-made items. Often the reasons for vast price differences lie in costs for labor and production. Materials and labor overseas are much less expensive, but sometimes manufacturing conditions do not parallel our cultural standards in terms of child labor laws and fair wages. No matter how you feel about that, you can know with certainty, that investing in American-made goods like decorative throw pillows, or an exquisite handmade mirror, or that one-of-a-kind gift, means supporting businesses that adhere to the ethics and labor standards of the United States. 

At Coastline By Anne Zimmerman, our products are made in America with fair wages paid to all who participate in bringing our products to life. From handbags to custom designed wall art, "handpicked item” to us goes far beyond what you will find at the mall. The care and commitment-to-quality-philosophy of our behind-the-scenes team provide you with beautiful and unique items that will leave a lasting impression for years to come.


Behind the Scenes at our Latest Photoshoot with Foreside Photography! June 28 2017

Kevin from Foreside Photography and I have been working together on and off now for over 10 years. He's done photo shoots of friends children, weddings, various corporate events and product photography. We can go for months without crossing paths and then along comes another project and it's like no time passed, the jokes start flying, the ideas start flowing and we're rolling. Which is about what happened at his photo studio on exchange street a few weeks ago.

It's amazing how much goes in to getting the perfect shot.

After all, you can't have a slouching product pic on your website! We scrambled around the studio making various things to stuff into the totes to create the perfectly posed bag. At one point Kevin handed me an object that looked like a piece of 2x4 with some fabric bunched up and masking-taped on- he said, "Oh yah, we made this one up for one of the last shoots. it's always so challenging to get the right LOOK, the bag has to stand up straight and the handles can't flop over." 

You know those photos of supermodels without makeup on? Mastering product photography is like shooting supermodels. The products are the models and they have to look perfect from the perspective of the person who is shopping for them. 

In the end, we settled on some makeshift weights and rolled nylon, and some fluffy sweatpants. Totally pro sounding photo shoot props right? Sometimes, you just gotta do what works. For the record, small pillows, folded towels, sheets and general poly-fill for quilting or pillow fill is always a good option too. 

So, the next time you look at the pics on my website, try to guess which secret props are keeping them standing and looking exactly as we want them! I can almost guarantee it involves several hidden items you would never think belong in a bag :)

// For more information on Foreside Photography services or prices, check their website here.

Seaside Cottage: Custom Canvas Pillow Set For Long Beach Island, New Jersey June 19 2017

We enjoyed finding the sweet spot between “modern" and “coastal" for the architect and artist who called on us to create this pair of custom Coastline pillows for their beach house retreat in Long Beach Island, NJ. Matching their existing guest room decor and airy nautical color palette, we zoomed in on their home address and LBI for the two pillows, using custom text and nautical coordinates to accentuate location.  

To order our Long Beach Island pillow, click here

To place your own custom pillow order, click here.


LBI New Jersey Custom Pillow

15 Fantastic Weekend Things to do Around Maine May 30 2017

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, there are 15 weekends available for exploration, adventure, and excitement. Bring the family or hike solo, here's our list of 15 fun weekend adventures in Maine.


1. Go to Monhegan Island for the Day.

Pack a picnic lunch, take the ferry from Boothbay Harbor or Port Clyde, and wander along the coastline. Among the fascinating things to do in Maine, Monhegan enticed the likes of the great painters such as Rockwell Kent, Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth and NC Wyeth. Did you know Monhegan was an artist’s colony dating back to the late 19th century? When you gaze upon the Blackhead Cliffs and take in the horizon, just think, the lobster season here begins in October and goes through Winter! Brrrrr...!

Oil painting above by Rockwell Kent: Monhegan Maine 1950.
(You can also see this painting at the Colby Museum of Art.) 

2. Hike the Hills to the Sea Trail.

Strap on your pack and check out this brand new 47-mile trail from Unity to Belfast as one of the most serene things to do in Maine. Wear sunscreen and don’t forget the bug repellent!

3. Take a Cessna 172 tour 

Above Acadia and Mt. Desert Island, you will spot breathtaking corners and pockets in Maine. When looking for things to do in Maine this summer, Cessna 172 tour should be on your list. The pilot might even let you fly for a minute!

4. Explore Blue Hill, Castine and Deer Isle. 

Blue Hill is a smaller town in Hancock County resting on the fingers of Blue Hill Bay and is permeating with rich historic artsy hotspots. Castine is another smaller town near Penobscot Bay and features breathtaking sights such as the Dyce Head Lighthouse and Fort Madison and Fort Knox. Deer Isle, located off of the Blue Hill Peninsula, is a must-see that brings you that quintessential Maine feel. All three of these fascinating places share the same county.

Finish up your exploration of things to do in Maine by staying in the room with the charming ceiling at the Barncastle Hotel in Blue Hill.

5. Have dinner at Primo in Rockland, Maine.

All you have to do is watch the video on their homepage (, sharing their authentic farm-to-table mission for their Italian Restaurant, and you will be signing up to make a visit even if it requires a drive from Portland. BTW, Primo also has locations in Orlando and Tuscon for the next time you are in the southeast or southwest.


6. Catch a musical at Maine State Music Theater!

In Brunswick, Maine. Maine is surrounded by a plethora of talented individuals from novelists to artists. The theater is no different here. This year's lineup includes Grease and Guys and Dolls!


7. Go to Splash Town for the day. 

Ride waterslides until you skin shrivels up. You will have a smile on your face, guaranteed! 


8. Camp at Lamoine State Park, Lamoine Maine 

Take time out of the tourist action to get away from all the hustle and bustle. This stunning land offers plenty for hungry foragers, hikers, and photographers. You will be enthralled by the endless serene terrain that overlooks the hills of Mt. Desert Island.

9. Go on a tasting mission to find the best Lobster Roll in Maine.

You can’t go home without having one (or many) of the most sought-after things to do in Maine-eat fresh lobster! Along the coast, you will find many seafood joints that specialize in hearty Maine lobster dishes, such as the famous lobster roll! 

10. Hike Morse Mountain, Nature Preserve in Phippsburg, Maine.

Surrounded by a breathtaking nature preserve, this leisurely 3.8-mile hike to the beach and back is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Bring bug spray and sunscreen (you can pack it in our zip pouch)! And, if the Morse Mountain lot is full (they will turn you away once the parking lot is full), there is Thorne Head Preserve in Bath. It's dog-friendly (Morse Mountain is not). Don't forget to stop in to pick up a picnic lunch at Wild Oats Bakery in Brunswick on the way! 

11. Go to the Moxie Festival, July 7-9 in Lisbon Falls

If you want to be a part of the local scene for a day, add this exciting festival to your list of things to do in Maine. From July 7th to the 9th in Lisbon Falls, you can drink, eat, parade, and celebrate all things Moxie, a popular New England soft drink!

12. Cheer on the runners of the Beach to Beacon.

Hit up Cape Elizabeth for a charity and well-known cause at Beacon to Beach 10k, even if you didn't make it into run yourself. This year's date is August 5 at 8:00 am. Bring a cowbell or a pan to bang with a spoon and cheer like you're still in high school. It's a great day, whether you plan to run or support.  

13. Take a Damariscotta River Cruise for a chance to see the river and try local oysters! The river is tidal and the name comes from the Abenaki word for "River of Many Fishes."

14. Attend the Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston

On August 18-20, check out another popular local treat, the Great Falls Balloon Festival! While you’re enjoying this summer treat, get a famous red hot dog from Simone's. 

15. Hop between mini-golf courses in Naples, Windham, OOB and Saco.

Lastly, add a game of golf, go on a quest, and enjoy the marine life to your exciting list of things to do in Maine. Spend a day on a mini-PGA tour at Steamboat Landing Mini Golf in Naples, Seacoast Adventure in Windham, Pirates Cove in Old Orchard, and Schooner Mini Golf in Saco. 


Mother's Day Gift Guide: 5 Awesome Last Minute Gifts for your favorite Mom! May 06 2017

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we want you to celebrate mom in her own words. Our personalized gifts will make her feel special every day and we've got your last minute gift needs covered. As of late, we have all 5 hand-picked, customer favorites still in stock (though, no promises on that as we get closer to the big day)

5 Awesome Last Minute Gifts for your favorite Mom :) 

1. The Weekender Tote:  Our new tote designed to help you celebrate Mother’s Day, summer, and everything in between. This heavy-duty tote is versatile and provides roomy pockets for her favorite lipstick, making the perfect last-minute gift. It can be used as an all-occasion accessory, whether a peaceful outing at the beach or that Mother’s Day brunch.

2. Casco Bay Indoor/Outdoor Pillow: This beautiful, universal pillow brings your favorite place to life wherever you are. This classic, sturdy throw pillow is American made with handcrafted detail and soft blue hues that accentuate any room mom’s home.

3. The Ever-Classic Everyday Handbag: Whether she’s at work or shopping, she’ll find this light-weight handbag a complimentary treat this Mother’s Day! Plus, the novelty of the design will have people commenting. If they don't know what they are looking at, here's your chance to offer some insight! It's a welcoming surprise and they'll be happy to be in on the "secret".    

4. Rugosa Rosa Zip Pouch: Give mom the ultimate bouquet this Mother’s Day. Named after the popular and oh-so fragrant beach rose, the Rugosa Rosa Weekend Getaway zip pouch is among the many assortments of flavorful custom-made zip pouches that complement any handbag. Mom would appreciate a sturdy zip pouch in her favorite custom design.

5. For when you just can't make the decision, our new GIFT CARDS make it easy and fast! The best part of the gift card is that she gets to make a choice and she'll get a beautifully packaged item that still feels like a unique gift on her special day.


One of our biggest pleasures is packaging our items to send off to their new owner. Each item we mail has been carefully handled and packed so that whether they are a gift to yourself or a gift to a loved one, it will be a joy to open and receive. Have a look at these really wonderful last minute gifts and send us an email if you have a special request or question. 

Happy Shopping and Happy Mother's Day!


How The Shipping Channels, Ports and Bridges of NYC Inspired Our Abstract New York Patterns January 13 2017

We celebrate New York with our ode to the Coastline that boasts the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and one of the biggest working harbors in the world. With a Coastline reflecting it’s angular skyline, our New York creations have a cool, abstract urban look that will fit nicely into any New York lovers abode. The metal zippers feel contemporary and industrial and the tarnished brass offers a throwback to the maritime fleets and the brass fixtures that adorned them…So while you may not be exploring the coastline this frosty season, the coastline can be with you on your couch while you binge over your latest Netflix obsession..... cheers, all you Big-Apple Lovers.


Gleaning Inspiration from Paradise----and Family Reunion  November 14 2016

When was the last time you went on a good old fashioned family reunion? For me, it was last week when we all (sister, brother, respective spouses and our parents) went on a week vacation together in the Florida keys. It was our parents' 50th wedding anniversary and we decided to meet in a place we'd never been. So we rented a house in Tavernier. We realized on our trip that the last time all of us (all siblings together at the same time and parents) were together in a vacation setting was 1987. 1987!!! 

It was truly awesome for all the right reasons: relaxation, no busy schedules or deadlines to meet, good laughs with loved ones, good bonding time, great home cooked meals and the ever popular morning coffee on the terrace overlooking the water. We all need a break sometimes. The butterfly garden I was lucky enough to hear about and visit while in Key West totally blew me away -- exotic species of butterflies the size of my hand flying all around me in a giant domed conservatory with soothing zen music that made me want to lay down and melt. I was scheming ways to build this place in my back yard. The best part of coming unplugged is that objectivity comes back into play so much more easily and you can see clearly the things you want to do more of or the things you want to change in your routine. For me, the ideas start popping around and I get overwhelmed with all the things I want to do....but that's ok. I highly recommend a solid vacation at least one time per year (preferably more!). As I look back on the years that went by and we chained ourselves to our desks feeling guilty about leaving work, I realize that was a bad choice. Everyone needs a break to recharge and regroup. Just like powering off your computer every now and then.  So for YOUR next vacation? Go for Paradise, maybe even with some people who knew you best when you were 16. The late night stories get pretty hilarious, it's very easy to come unplugged and find inspiration in things completely unrelated to your normal routine. Dream a little!  

And, if you need a recommendation for a stunning rental home perched on a beautiful Tavernier canal, give Mrs. Martinez a shout at La Isla del Sueno. Weekly rates are fantastic if you have a full house and split the rate with others. It has all the amenities perfect for a group of great friends or a family of 8-10 including pool, dock, kayaks, snorkel equipment, ice machine, tiki hut and outdoor kitchen. With parrot fish and sergeant majors swimming right off the dock and lobsters within eyesight below, you can snorkel right off the dock. The only thing she might want to add to this house is one of my pillows, but other than that, this place is spectacular!

Shown at the top, the sunset view from dining at Marker 88. Another highlight!

What are the things that inspire you? I'm on instagram to capture the things that fascinate and inspire me. Hope to see you there!

We Made it into the Down East Magazine Holiday Gift Guide! December 02 2015

Check out page 64 in the latest issue of Down East Magazine or check out their website feature on 40 Maine Made Gifts here! Their annual gift guide, written by Laura Serino, is “your ticket to stylish, creative, and thoughtful gift-giving — all while supporting Maine’s small businesses and artisans.”

We are honored to have our product featured among other incredible Maine-made gifts. Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

And we can’t help but mention another fabulous Maine-made gift (for yourself or a Maine-adoring friend)—a (print or digital) subscription to Down East Magazine. Get yours here.

Happy Holidays!

How To Use Our Iconic Silk Scarves As A Statement Piece November 13 2015

“I love your scarf. Where did you get it?”

A receptionist asked me that when I signed in at the doc.

When I told her I had made it, she said I should go into business. LOL. 

I’ve noticed, when I wear my blue Maine Coast Scarf, someone comments on it and it sparks a conversation. Like yesterday, I popped into my favorite cafe for soup. The owner looked up at me and said, "Hi there! You look nice today, I love that scarf you have on." I'm not quite bold enough to be like, "Thanks! You know, you can have one too if you just go to my website at…" But it's always great to get that kind of validation. 


That salesy but TRUE intro aside, the Maine Coast Scarf is available now in new colors just in time for the holidays. Our festive new color palettes include Wintermint and Campari (shown above). They are pure silk with a really pretty, liquidy drape, and classy lines. The versatility or our scarves are magic because they look great with everything from t-shirt and jeans to blazer or blouse - or dress. They can also be worn in many different ways, from a double wrap around the neck to a single wrap with a loose and long tie. >>>Here is a great video showing several different ways to wear a silk scarf. <<<<

…..So, in wrapping this up (wink wink) we think our scarves are a fabulous conversation starter!

Let me know who you meet because of them.

Casco Bay Tote—special stock-up sale October 21 2015

If you’ve been to Casco Bay, you already know it’s one of the most beautiful places. A boater's paradise. From hundreds of islands and secret coves to explore, you almost feel like you have it all to yourself. An undiscovered, wild treasure. If you haven’t been there, I truly recommend you visit.

Whether you’re a longtime resident, your love affair with Casco Bay is new, or you plan to visit someday—here is a super-special (and super-rare!) sale:

Save 40% off the Casco Bay Tote – Quantities are limited.
(Use coupon code CASCOBAY at checkout.)

Casco Bay Tote BagCasco Bay Tote, Royal Blue and Aqua

Whether you’d like one for yourself, or many as gifts, take 40% off (while quantities last) with the coupon code CASCOBAY at checkout. Shop the Casco Bay contenders here or check them out in our Maine Coast collection.

And here’s a little holiday plug! Stock up for the special people in your life who love Casco Bay. Whether it’s for December, or a birthday or special occasion next year, Casco Bay never goes out of style.


Custom Designed Hunter Sailing Association Gift Bags September 01 2015

We are so pleased to have provided the custom gift bag design for the Maine Hunter Sailing Association Annual Cruise. The Association selected one of our Maine Coast Wine bags and added their logo to the design. I hear the bags were filled with cookies and presented to the sailors as they embarked on their annual cruise Downeast. Cookies and sailing? YES PLEASE. 

Custom Designed Nautical Chart Wall Art July 30 2015

The idea for Coastline began when I was looking at my Casco Bay NOAA chart hanging in the living room. It had always been a staple in my home and I love looking around at all the islands and tracing the lines up the coast. I remember wondering if the same map existed somewhere in brighter, punchier colors--something more unique and stylish. When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I wanted to try to create what I was envisioning.

Everyone has their "place", their home, their favorite spot. I began developing products that offer people the opportunity to surround themselves with memorable decor representing their favorite places and their homes. In this custom piece, Kathy requested a special Coastline made for her living room, in the color scheme of her home. She wanted it to be a statement piece above the mantle, with the name of her home marked on the chart in it's location. It was such an honor to create this piece with her! Introducing "Seascape, Bunganuc Landing".

Yes, they’re washable! July 10 2015

Mary received a Casco Bay Tote as a gift. When she emailed us asking if it was safe to wash, we responded with washing instructions—and we were so happy to hear (and see!) the sparkling outcome:

“I apologize for the lousy photography, but I wanted you to see my beautifully clean bag! This was a Christmas gift last year, and although I initially hesitated to use it because there was so much white material, I liked it so much I couldn't resist. It has had almost a year of heavy use, bottom and sides had picked up dirt and a few stains from car/house floors and the handles were soiled from being carried so much. I followed your care directions, (also gave the handles a couple of shots of Shout), and you can see the results - Excellent!” -Sincerely - Mary - one very happy customer!


Mary, thank you for the tip! We hope you get many more years of enjoyment from your tote. Hope you get many more years of enjoyment from your tote!

Since it may not have been totally clear when you received your tote, our care instructions that are now included in all packages, note up front whether or not a bag can be machine washed. 

Hot and Pop: Jupiter Island Florida Anniversary Gift Custom Pillow June 19 2015

Custom Corporate Gifts for the San Diego Sales Summit! June 05 2015

The development of a custom tote for UNUM has been a lot of fun. We used our teal and navy color palette and added navy handles and a custom design with a logo and city streets on this one of a kind bag.

Introducing Silk Scarves April 13 2015

I love scarves. Being from New England, the scarf will probably always be a staple in my wardrobe. I had a scarf design in mind and when I found the silk, we couldn't resist. Check out of our latest creation inspired by the paintings of abstract artist Mark Rothko. The Summer 2015 Silk Crepe De Chine scarves are part of our Artist Series, all of which were inspired by artists who captured our attention with color (our favorite topic!) To see more scroll down in the Maine section of our website: ‪#‎coastlinebyannezimmerman‬

Collaborating with Roxanne York Real Estate on Custom Harpswell Maine Co-Branded Totes April 07 2015

Roxanne York is my friend Darcy's mom. Darcy and I met when we had condos next door to each other on the West End in Portland. Darcy moved on to bigger dreams in Barcelona, Spain and we catch up via Skype now, instead of on our balconies. I think the small world story goes like this: a friend of Darcy and Roxanne's from Harpswell, ME visited Darcy in Barcelona shortly after buying a pillow from me, and at the same time Roxanne was visiting too. They must have talked about Maine pillows while sightseeing in Barcelona, but it was the best call ever when Roxanne called me to ask if I could make her some totes for her Real Estate business in Harpswell Maine. We sewed a label for her business to the inside pocket and I'm so pleased her customers will receive such a fantastic gift. Thanks, Roxanne! So if you would like to buy a home from Roxanne, so you don't have to buy a tote from me, visit to view her listings! :)

Wedding Favor Totes! July 25 2014

Thanks to Sage Innovations in Charleston SC for the call for custom favor totes for a glorious summer wedding in Charleston.