Yes, they’re washable! December 04 2015, 0 Comments

Mary received a Casco Bay Tote as a gift. When she emailed us asking if it was safe to wash, we responded with washing instructions—and we were so happy to hear (and see!) the sparkling outcome:

“I apologize for the lousy photography, but I wanted you to see my beautifully clean bag! This was a Christmas gift last year, and although I initially hesitated to use it because there was so much white material, I liked it so much I couldn't resist. It has had almost a year of heavy use, bottom and sides had picked up dirt and a few stains from car/house floors and the handles were soiled from being carried so much. I followed your care directions, (also gave the handles a couple of shots of Shout), and you can see the results - Excellent!” -Sincerely - Mary - one very happy customer!


Mary, thank you for the tip—Shout for the handles! We are going to include this tip in our washing instructions in the future. Hope you get many more years of enjoyment from your tote.