Locally Grown: Why American-Made Brands Are Making a Comeback July 12 2017


It's hard to imagine a better shopping option than today's marketplace, where we have access to a world of products, pricing and lightning fast shipping available at our fingertips. Home decor, clothing, and accessories are hot commodities now featuring an unending supply of styles, threads, and textures. The selection is seductive, and in many cases, we browse popular stores and fall in love with a specific item but give little thought to where it came from or who made it.

At Coastline, we believe there’s a time for everything: a time to buy from a big store, and a time to buy from a grass-roots operation. When you’re hustling to get your guest house furnished for your Airbnb customers, there’s no reason not to cash in on the fabulous selection of armchairs and rugs and pricing to match at big value stores, but before you grab that next special gift for your best friend, here are some reasons you may consider reaching for a product that is American-made instead:

1. Helping to Grow Our Economy

When you buy American-made products, you are supporting the growth and sustainability of our economy by providing jobs for independent workers. The one, two or ten products you decide to buy are actually supporting not only the makers but also the writers, photographers, technicians, materials suppliers, printers, web designers and so many other people behind the scenes who help that item come to life. They all participate in getting those products created and delivered to your doorstep or favorite downtown boutique.


2. Choosing Quality Over Quantity

Imported items aren’t created to the same standard and because our government cannot control foreign labor or manufacturing standards, so there are no guarantees on quality or longevity. For example, toys made overseas usually contain high levels of lead because of heavy pollutants used during the manufacturing process. American-made toys may cost slightly more, but it’s easier to discern how they were made and what materials were used in order to produce them. They also need to uphold manufacturing standards set in place by the US government.

Local makers face the stiff competition of lower-priced imported goods, so their products need to outperform the big brand competition through quality. Most small brand products in today’s market are designed to leave a lasting impression through attention to detail, unique fabrications and superior craftsmanship.

3. Labor with Love

When you buy imported low-cost goods, especially those made in third world countries, you’ll probably notice the product costs significantly less than artisan-made items. Often the reasons for vast price differences lie in costs for labor and production. Materials and labor overseas are much less expensive, but sometimes manufacturing conditions do not parallel our cultural standards in terms of child labor laws and fair wages. No matter how you feel about that, you can know with certainty, that investing in American-made goods like decorative throw pillows, or an exquisite handmade mirror, or that one-of-a-kind gift, means supporting businesses that adhere to the ethics and labor standards of the United States. 

At Coastline By Anne Zimmerman, our products are made in America with fair wages paid to all who participate in bringing our products to life. From handbags to custom designed wall art, "handpicked item” to us goes far beyond what you will find at the mall. The care and commitment-to-quality-philosophy of our behind-the-scenes team provide you with beautiful and unique items that will leave a lasting impression for years to come.