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Lemons to Lemonade; reflections of how our biggest critics become our most important teachers. (In life and work)

Once I got an email from a customer who had a bad experience with my products. She had purchased some gifts when we were hustling through holiday orders and we were unorganized and we didn't have our packaging figured out, and she received an underwhelming package that she had been excited to give as a gift. When she emailed me offering feedback, she didn't hold back telling me my package was a huge disappointment to her and all of the reasons why. I was crushed, embarrassed and upset. I hadn't realized at that point how much I didn’t know about selling my work. At the time, I was so exhausted from working so hard that I couldn't read her email and absorb her honest complaints in the way I needed to.

After the dust settled, my customer’s remarks sunk in. Thanks to this honest person who took the time to offer thoughtful and relevant feedback, I had to face my shortcomings -- we had no plan in place for packaging and we really needed one. We needed to pay closer attention to how our customers receive our shipments and how the experience would feel for them. It was the part of the process I had completely overlooked. Since then, we’ve made packaging a priority, and we use it as an opportunity to treat all items as thoughtfully wrapped gifts so that whoever is receiving the item receives a gift, whether they purchased it for themselves or for a friend or loved one.


This experience made it clear that our packaging is just as important as our hand-crafted products. Whether you’re buying a canvas tote or a high-end piece of jewelry, the package is the first thing you as the customer see, feel, and experience about the company so we use our packaging as a way to enhance the experience for you. It's the perfect opportunity for us to introduce our products in thoughtful and clever ways so customers enjoy their experience more. And for us, that's what it's all about.

Thankfully, we've had better responses from emails since we changed up our packaging game.

Some of our recent customer feedback, (so much better to read these kinds of emails....!) :

"I absolutely love it!!! Finding your business was really awesome, and the tote and pouches are very special to me! By the way, the packaging was a nice touch---very classy!" -Kate

"Your designs are stunning & what a nice surprise it was to receive such a happy looking package!" -Deb