Custom Decor For Your Favorite Beach House, Lake House or Home February 12 2018

Do you have one of those annual summer trips you love to take every year with your family? To that place that will always connect you to childhood memories of racing off the dock into freezing water, or collecting shells along the beach you know with your eyes closed? Maybe it’s just you and the girls on a bachelorette weekend in an unfamiliar but unforgettable scene. Or maybe it's simply your family home that is the rock in the backdrop of your life. Re-connecting to the good times will always make you feel good, and you can enhance those memories with custom products designed in honor of your favorite place or vacation.

The Ultimate Host/Hostess Thank-You Gift: Custom Throw Pillows
After vacationing with friends at a lake house in Bonne Terre, Missouri, a client asked us to create a gift for their family's hosts, based on the location of their Lake House. They asked for a rustic, whimsical set of pillows with slate blue and beige to match the decor of the home. The pillows we created shared the same cheerful and whimsy style and referenced different views of the area. One custom-pillow zoomed in on Lac Capri and the Lake House address on Lac Capri. The other featured a view of the region of Terre du Lac, including several lakes in the area.

Imprinted Memories - Custom & Personal
Our custom decor enables you to go back to your favorite spot or gift a favorite place to someone else. We think customizing things like wall art and throw pillows enhances the gift-giving experience and we know first hand our items make for great conversation pieces in the home!