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Destination Wedding: A Profile of a New England Wedding with Handmade Bowties and Welcome Favor Totes

Coastline brings you a picturesque, New England destination wedding and the first ceremony to have graced Mitch Field in Harpswell. This breathtaking scene lay across a lush green landscape with plenty of sunlight and savory local cuisine.


The destination idea stemmed from fun childhood memories. This was a favored shore the bride sailed by as a child on her family's J22, and she wanted to be sure each guest felt the spirit and beauty of coastal Maine on this special day.

Prior to the big day and planning from a distance, the bride and groom were creative with the style and color scheme -- they matched their desired colors to paint swatches from Home Depot and mailed them to our team at Coastline!

Going with the theme, they chose the map of their wedding destination as the design for the ties and totes. Each of the groomsmen (and children!) wore our custom-made bow and neck ties with their custom color blend mimicking Glidden’s Bay Coral and Aqua Seamist. The handmade totes boasted the playful and cheery nautical colors on a sturdy canvas. These roomy bags were given to each of the guests as a reminder of the of this truly nautical and very fun wedding.



Originally from Virginia, the couple brought their hometown magic to the east coast, with a little originality. The bride rode into town (and to the ceremony) in her father's refurbished Studebaker Avanti, and the groom rode in on a 1969 International Scout. Needless to say, their unique styles blended together to make a one-of-a-kind destination wedding in Maine. 

Thank you, Sarah and Dan, for calling on us to create your super cool Coast of Maine Bow Ties!

Photography by Amy Devenney Photography.

Flowers by Pretty Flowers Maine.