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Collaborating with Roxanne York Real Estate on Custom Harpswell Maine Co-Branded Totes

Roxanne York is my friend Darcy's mom. Darcy and I met when we had condos next door to each other on the West End in Portland. Darcy moved on to bigger dreams in Barcelona, Spain and we catch up via Skype now, instead of on our balconies. I think the small world story goes like this: a friend of Darcy and Roxanne's from Harpswell, ME visited Darcy in Barcelona shortly after buying a pillow from me, and at the same time Roxanne was visiting too. They must have talked about Maine pillows while sightseeing in Barcelona, but it was the best call ever when Roxanne called me to ask if I could make her some totes for her Real Estate business in Harpswell Maine. We sewed a label for her business to the inside pocket and I'm so pleased her customers will receive such a fantastic gift. Thanks, Roxanne! So if you would like to buy a home from Roxanne, so you don't have to buy a tote from me, visit to view her listings! :)