Locally Grown: Why American-Made Brands Are Making a Comeback July 12 2017, 0 Comments


This beautiful and diverse world offers an assortment of flavors to excite makers and consumers everywhere. Home decor, clothing, and accessories are hot commodities now featuring an array of styles, threads, and materials. In many cases, we browse popular stores and fall in love with a specific item, but give little attention to where it came from or who made it. Before you grab that next special gift from a big department store, here are some reasons you may consider reaching for a product that is made right here in America instead.


Quality versus Quantity

When you buy goods made overseas, especially third world countries, you’ll probably notice the product costs less than a similar item made in America. You may assume this is a great deal but it's important to know that imported items aren’t created to the same standard and because our government cannot control foreign manufacturing standards, there are no guarantees on quality or longevity. For example, toys made overseas usually contain high levels of lead because of heavy pollutants used during the manufacturing process. American-made toys may cost slightly more, but it’s easier to discern how they were made and what materials were used in order to produce them. They also need to uphold manufacturing standards set in place by the US government. 

To say domestic makers face stiff competition from lower priced imported goods is an understatement. But, most of them focus on staying competitive by focusing on unrivaled, superior craftsmanship designed to last.

Growing our own Economy

When you buy American-made products, you are supporting the growth and sustainability of our economy by providing jobs for American workers. The one, two or ten products you decide to buy are actually supporting not only the makers but also the writers, photographers, technicians, materials suppliers, printers, web designers and so many more people behind the scenes who help that item come to life. They all participate in getting those products created and delivered to your doorstep or favorite downtown boutique.

Labor with Love

Unfortunately, many countries do not have a minimum wage requirment, which means that their workers are being paid a very low hourly wage, and in many cases could include children or people who live at factories in conditions we don't get to monitor or see. No matter how you feel about that, you can know with certainty, that investing in American-made goods like decorative throw pillows, or an exquisite handmade mirror, or that one-of-a-kind gift, means supporting businesses that adhere to the ethics and labor standards of the United States. 

At Coastline By Anne Zimmerman, our products are made in America. From handbags to custom wall art, "handpicked item” to us means more than what you see at the mall. The care and commitment-to-quality-philosophy of our behind-the-scenes team provide you with beautiful and unique items that will leave a lasting impression for years to come.