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Creative Inspiration: How Lilly Pulitzer and Mark Rothko Rocked My New England Aesthetic

Like a taste for food, I find myself inspired by the same things again and again.

Sometimes, the most random things spark creative inspiration--like catching a glimpse of a wrapper in a trash can or a color a graffiti artist chose on a wall downtown -- like this one, I ran by every day while training for the Maine Marathon: 

But there are the great influencers too–the artists who help us learn and shape our opinions, whose work we love forever. Like Monet and Matisse, who taught me a new way to see colors and shape:

Or Mark Rothko, whose lonely but intense horizons showed me that a lot can be happening in something that seems so simple:

Or Pablo Picasso, who made me curious about modern and abstract art:

Or Lilly Pulitzer, who inspired me to notice how much geographical themes are linked to color and style. Did you know she first set out to sell freshly squeezed juice? When her hobby hand-made dress designs started selling faster than her juice, she brilliantly heeded the call and changed her business course!

My biggest takeaway from these masters is probably my love for color. combinations that are reflective of place, so the colors, fabrics, and textures all become representative of the coastal lifestyle, and landscape.

If you are a lover of art, the ocean, and living life to the fullest, check out our latest styles, reflecting color, contrast, local flavor and fun! You may see hints of some of these mentors in them. :)