Mother's Day Gift Guide: 5 Awesome Last Minute Gifts for your favorite Mom! May 06 2017

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we want you to celebrate mom in her own words. Our personalized gifts will make her feel special every day and we've got your last minute gift needs covered. As of late, we have all 5 hand-picked, customer favorites still in stock (though, no promises on that as we get closer to the big day)

5 Awesome Last Minute Gifts for your favorite Mom :) 

1. The Weekender Tote:  Our new tote designed to help you celebrate Mother’s Day, summer, and everything in between. This heavy-duty tote is versatile and provides roomy pockets for her favorite lipstick, making the perfect last-minute gift. It can be used as an all-occasion accessory, whether a peaceful outing at the beach or that Mother’s Day brunch.

2. Casco Bay Indoor/Outdoor Pillow: This beautiful, universal pillow brings your favorite place to life wherever you are. This classic, sturdy throw pillow is American made with handcrafted detail and soft blue hues that accentuate any room mom’s home.

3. The Ever-Classic Everyday Handbag: Whether she’s at work or shopping, she’ll find this light-weight handbag a complimentary treat this Mother’s Day! Plus, the novelty of the design will have people commenting. If they don't know what they are looking at, here's your chance to offer some insight! It's a welcoming surprise and they'll be happy to be in on the "secret".    

4. Rugosa Rosa Zip Pouch: Give mom the ultimate bouquet this Mother’s Day. Named after the popular and oh-so fragrant beach rose, the Rugosa Rosa Weekend Getaway zip pouch is among the many assortments of flavorful custom-made zip pouches that complement any handbag. Mom would appreciate a sturdy zip pouch in her favorite custom design.

5. For when you just can't make the decision, our new GIFT CARDS make it easy and fast! The best part of the gift card is that she gets to make a choice and she'll get a beautifully packaged item that still feels like a unique gift on her special day.


One of our biggest pleasures is packaging our items to send off to their new owner. Each item we mail has been carefully handled and packed so that whether they are a gift to yourself or a gift to a loved one, it will be a joy to open and receive. Have a look at these really wonderful last minute gifts and send us an email if you have a special request or question. 

Happy Shopping and Happy Mother's Day!