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Custom Designed Nautical Chart Wall Art

The idea for Coastline began when I was looking at my Casco Bay NOAA chart hanging in the living room. It had always been a staple in my home and I love looking around at all the islands and tracing the lines up the coast. I remember wondering if the same map existed somewhere in brighter, punchier colors--something more unique and stylish. When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I wanted to try to create what I was envisioning.

Everyone has their "place", their home, their favorite spot. I began developing products that offer people the opportunity to surround themselves with memorable decor representing their favorite places and their homes. In this custom piece, Kathy requested a special Coastline made for her living room, in the color scheme of her home. She wanted it to be a statement piece above the mantle, with the name of her home marked on the chart in it's location. It was such an honor to create this piece with her! Introducing "Seascape, Bunganuc Landing".