How To Use Our Iconic Silk Scarves As A Statement Piece November 13 2015

“I love your scarf. Where did you get it?”

A receptionist asked me that when I signed in at the doc.

When I told her I had made it, she said I should go into business. LOL. 

I’ve noticed, when I wear my blue Maine Coast Scarf, someone comments on it and it sparks a conversation. Like yesterday, I popped into my favorite cafe for soup. The owner looked up at me and said, "Hi there! You look nice today, I love that scarf you have on." I'm not quite bold enough to be like, "Thanks! You know, you can have one too if you just go to my website at…" But it's always great to get that kind of validation. 


That salesy but TRUE intro aside, the Maine Coast Scarf is available now in new colors just in time for the holidays. Our festive new color palettes include Wintermint and Campari (shown above). They are pure silk with a really pretty, liquidy drape, and classy lines. The versatility or our scarves are magic because they look great with everything from t-shirt and jeans to blazer or blouse - or dress. They can also be worn in many different ways, from a double wrap around the neck to a single wrap with a loose and long tie. >>>Here is a great video showing several different ways to wear a silk scarf. <<<<

…..So, in wrapping this up (wink wink) we think our scarves are a fabulous conversation starter!

Let me know who you meet because of them.