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15 Fantastic Weekend Things to do Around Maine

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, there are 15 weekends available for exploration, adventure, and excitement. Bring the family or hike solo, here's our list of 15 fun weekend adventures in Maine.


1. Go to Monhegan Island for the Day.

Pack a picnic lunch, take the ferry from Boothbay Harbor or Port Clyde, and wander along the coastline. Among the fascinating things to do in Maine, Monhegan enticed the likes of the great painters such as Rockwell Kent, Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth and NC Wyeth. Did you know Monhegan was an artist’s colony dating back to the late 19th century? When you gaze upon the Blackhead Cliffs and take in the horizon, just think, the lobster season here begins in October and goes through Winter! Brrrrr...!

Oil painting above by Rockwell Kent: Monhegan Maine 1950.
(You can also see this painting at the Colby Museum of Art.) 

2. Hike the Hills to the Sea Trail.

Strap on your pack and check out this brand new 47-mile trail from Unity to Belfast as one of the most serene things to do in Maine. Wear sunscreen and don’t forget the bug repellent!

3. Take a Cessna 172 tour 

Above Acadia and Mt. Desert Island, you will spot breathtaking corners and pockets in Maine. When looking for things to do in Maine this summer, Cessna 172 tour should be on your list. The pilot might even let you fly for a minute!

4. Explore Blue Hill, Castine and Deer Isle. 

Blue Hill is a smaller town in Hancock County resting on the fingers of Blue Hill Bay and is permeating with rich historic artsy hotspots. Castine is another smaller town near Penobscot Bay and features breathtaking sights such as the Dyce Head Lighthouse and Fort Madison and Fort Knox. Deer Isle, located off of the Blue Hill Peninsula, is a must-see that brings you that quintessential Maine feel. All three of these fascinating places share the same county.

Finish up your exploration of things to do in Maine by staying in the room with the charming ceiling at the Barncastle Hotel in Blue Hill.

5. Have dinner at Primo in Rockland, Maine.

All you have to do is watch the video on their homepage (, sharing their authentic farm-to-table mission for their Italian Restaurant, and you will be signing up to make a visit even if it requires a drive from Portland. BTW, Primo also has locations in Orlando and Tuscon for the next time you are in the southeast or southwest.


6. Catch a musical at Maine State Music Theater!

In Brunswick, Maine. Maine is surrounded by a plethora of talented individuals from novelists to artists. The theater is no different here. This year's lineup includes Grease and Guys and Dolls!


7. Go to Splash Town for the day. 

Ride waterslides until you skin shrivels up. You will have a smile on your face, guaranteed! 


8. Camp at Lamoine State Park, Lamoine Maine 

Take time out of the tourist action to get away from all the hustle and bustle. This stunning land offers plenty for hungry foragers, hikers, and photographers. You will be enthralled by the endless serene terrain that overlooks the hills of Mt. Desert Island.

9. Go on a tasting mission to find the best Lobster Roll in Maine.

You can’t go home without having one (or many) of the most sought-after things to do in Maine-eat fresh lobster! Along the coast, you will find many seafood joints that specialize in hearty Maine lobster dishes, such as the famous lobster roll! 

10. Hike Morse Mountain, Nature Preserve in Phippsburg, Maine.

Surrounded by a breathtaking nature preserve, this leisurely 3.8-mile hike to the beach and back is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Bring bug spray and sunscreen (you can pack it in our zip pouch)! And, if the Morse Mountain lot is full (they will turn you away once the parking lot is full), there is Thorne Head Preserve in Bath. It's dog-friendly (Morse Mountain is not). Don't forget to stop in to pick up a picnic lunch at Wild Oats Bakery in Brunswick on the way! 

11. Go to the Moxie Festival, July 7-9 in Lisbon Falls

If you want to be a part of the local scene for a day, add this exciting festival to your list of things to do in Maine. From July 7th to the 9th in Lisbon Falls, you can drink, eat, parade, and celebrate all things Moxie, a popular New England soft drink!

12. Cheer on the runners of the Beach to Beacon.

Hit up Cape Elizabeth for a charity and well-known cause at Beacon to Beach 10k, even if you didn't make it into run yourself. This year's date is August 5 at 8:00 am. Bring a cowbell or a pan to bang with a spoon and cheer like you're still in high school. It's a great day, whether you plan to run or support.  

13. Take a Damariscotta River Cruise for a chance to see the river and try local oysters! The river is tidal and the name comes from the Abenaki word for "River of Many Fishes."

14. Attend the Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston

On August 18-20, check out another popular local treat, the Great Falls Balloon Festival! While you’re enjoying this summer treat, get a famous red hot dog from Simone's. 

15. Hop between mini-golf courses in Naples, Windham, OOB and Saco.

Lastly, add a game of golf, go on a quest, and enjoy the marine life to your exciting list of things to do in Maine. Spend a day on a mini-PGA tour at Steamboat Landing Mini Golf in Naples, Seacoast Adventure in Windham, Pirates Cove in Old Orchard, and Schooner Mini Golf in Saco.