Weekend-Away Guide To The Bold Coast!

Just when you think you’ve seen all of Maine’s breathtaking treasures, there’s Machias and an adventure by foot to be had on The Bold Coast hiking trails in Cutler, Maine. Downeast Maine can seem like uncharted territory to many folks, but this area is full of scenic adventure, and some rich history. While the weather has a refreshing chill (and while you can still get a lobster roll along the road), these two must-visit Maine vacation spots will offer a memorable stay, whether visiting as a tourist or a fellow Mainer out for some exploring.

The Talbot House Inn, Machias

Quaint Machias

To get there, drive past Bar Harbor and Acadia, making your way Downeast. The little town of Machias hides comfortably in Washington County. Surrounded by Machias Bay and sharing a bit of the serene Yoho Creek, the area is widely known for the Raid on Machias in 1777, and is the home of the Burnham Tavern Museum where you can brush up on your naval war history. Follow up your day with a stay at The Talbot House Inn, where you will feel as though you've stepped back in time. This beautiful inn features colonial style shutters, refinished tin ceilings, exposed beams, and tall 19th-century windows. The innkeepers are a husband and wife team, who restored the property themselves after seeing it for sale on the internet. The inn offers six elegant rooms to choose from, plus common areas to eat and relax including the Gathering Kitchen and Formal Dining Room where a house-made breakfast is served every day. You can also enjoy the library and separate living room for quiet reading.

Before you leave town, grab a bite at Helen’s Restaurant down the street, where you can have an authentic Maine meal, followed by a piece of their famous blueberry pie!

Cutler's Bold & Brave

Just a short half hour drive up the coast from Machias lies the Bold Coast Trail system in Cutler, and this is worth the visit! Unlike many Maine trails inland, the Bold Coast trail lines high cliffs overlooking the ocean. The only sounds you will hear here are the sounds of nature, your own voice, or an occasional outboard from a lobster boat somewhere off in the distance. When you reach the bony edges of the bluffs trail (about 1.5-2 miles in) you will be looking straight out to the mighty Atlantic, so bring your good camera!

Bold Coast Hiking, Cutler MaineViews from The Bold Coast Hiking Trail, Cutler Maine

The Fairy Head Loop hike is a quiet 9.2 miles round-trip hike that takes you along the shorefront and then inland through an open meadow. This path stretches farther out on the trail to a large beaver pond and freshwater, grassy marsh. It’s pretty hard to believe that the majestic ocean and breathtaking forest exist literally miles from each other until you visit this Maine hiking spot and see for yourself.

Spunky pinecones, poised to survive the harsh weather conditions of the exposed north Atlantic coast, and moss covered rocks along the stream. 

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