5 Tips on Winterizing Your Coastal Home October 27 2017

As we say goodbye to summer, we welcome fall and the coming winter. With cooler days ahead it doesn’t matter if you live on the coast of Miami Beach or Bar Harbor, Maine, Winter comes in all forms. You want to winterize your home no matter where you are! Bring those warm and comforting foods to your table, light up some spicy candles, and customize your favorite spot in the house. If you can’t have the snowfall of your favorite childhood town, you can surely find it in the form of home decor. Make an easy transition from summer to fall to winter in these 5 easy time and money-saving steps.

1. Soothing Colors
White is nice, but leave the Winter Wonderland outside. Instead, go with a red-to-yellow scheme, mixing earthy tones, such as brown and beige. From custom wall art in the dining area to lofty window panels in the living room, you will be surprised at how much of a difference those small changes make in your home.

2. Lush Textiles

Wool and velvet bring a sense of warmth, comfort, and life when winterizing your home. Items such as custom throw pillows and throw blankets, give off a “stay awhile,” cozy feeling, especially if your views overlook a peaceful lake or ocean-scape. Area rugs with patterns of burgundies, greens, and deep yellows add that splash of color to the rest of your earth tone decor. It’s all about warmth and creating that cozy feeling all around your home.

3. Switch Up Furniture
If there’s one thing we all love about the holidays it’s the gathering of friends and family. Without renovating your entire room(s), rearrange some furniture around a bit. Maybe that old chestnut coffee table in the spare bedroom will fit perfectly in the living room next to the reclining chair or sofa. Another way to winterize your home by switching around your furniture is to create a space for gathering to take place. For example, arranging the seating closer together and over an area rug to make the space a little more prominent when guests gather around.  

4. Light it Up
Ahh, yes, there is nothing like the comfort of those fall and winter scents permeating throughout the house. And it’s perfectly fine to take advantage of this lovely comforting scent during the holidays. Keep your electric costs efficient with the chic simplicity of candles. Not only can they add to the ambiance and warmth of the season, your senses will appreciate the wintery reminiscence of Christmases past.

5. Add Your Favorite Wintery Wonderland Memory
Everyone has that universal hunger for bringing those childhood memories back to life around the holidays. Sledding, warm mugs of cocoa, and family gatherings at a favored destination are a few superlatives of what most would consider treasured memories. As you winterize your home for the season, you may want to consider adding custom wall art to your favorite reading nook. You could display your favorite childhood town on stretch canvas, overlooking nearby streets that take you down memory lane.