The Florida Collection

From the Space Coast to the Miami Coast and the Keys, the Gulf Coast and the Panhandle, Florida has a coastline that tugs the hearts strings of many. Whether you love Florida for the escape it provides during the cold winter months or you're a committed, year-round-Floridian, we’ll help you show off your love for The Sunshine State like never before. 

Over the next few months, we invite you to watch as our new Floridian Collection unfolds. We will be representing some of the most iconic Florida locations, all to be enjoyed outside or inside with fabrics that support lots of sun and coastal breezes. 

As with everything we do, quality is our top priority in design and construction of our products. We only use the best, and we shop with local vendors whenever possible. All of our fabrics are printed and dyed in the United States. 

Celebrate your love of Florida and everything that makes it special with Coastline By Anne Zimmerman! Shop with us today to enjoy colorful nautical chart and abstract map decor for your modern lifestyle!