The Maine Coast Collection

When you live in a place like Maine it feels like you have a passport to the ultimate salty lifestyle and upbringing. If you are a Mainer, you are continually influenced by the weather, the water, the beautiful wilderness and you have the privilege and luxury of experiencing firsthand the quiet charm and unspoiled landscape many people only dream of witnessing on a vacation. Maine is a haven for fearless pioneers and stubborn purists, for isolationists and folks who earned their exit from the glitzy rat race. It's for earth lovers and pet lovers, and food lovers and artists and those whose livelihoods depend on the land or the sea. This is a real place, where people thrive off making things, creating things and doing things. In Maine you can still take a drive on a quiet country road and not see anyone for miles. In Maine, you can buy a lobster for dinner that slept the night before in Casco Bay, in Maine you can explore a lighthouse on a deserted island and imagine being the keeper there on stormy winter nights. It's peaceful, rugged and clean. It's Vacationland.

This line was developed to celebrate the real pride and love we Mainers have for The Way Life Should Be. If Vacationland is your favorite place to visit or your back yard, we think you will enjoy our unique products. If you buy a product from us, it's because you know and love what we're describing and you will never forget it. We currently offer coastal pillows, coastal totes, toiletries, ties and scarves and there is so much more in the works! 

As with everything we do, we take pride in the quality of the materials we use for our constructions. We use the best materials we can find at a fair cost and we always shop with local vendors whenever possible. All of our fabrics are printed in the United States with the most eco-friendly processes the industry offers. And, because we hand-make all of our products, there isn’t a single thing that we sell that isn’t completely unique and original.

Celebrate your love of Maine and everything that makes it special with Coastline By Anne Zimmerman! Shop with us today for coastal accessories to keep your adventures alive and your memories fresh!