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About the Designs


What began as a love for home became a line of bags and accessories celebrating the coastal life!

As a Maine native who spent most of my childhood on a sailboat in the summertime, I am a true lover of the ocean, and the coastlines I knew so well growing up. When I left my hometown for new adventures, I found myself wanting to bring a bit of the coast with me. I began working with color and line to reinvent the traditional nautical chart into something that spoke more to me as an artist ~ I wanted to show off my favorite place with some style!

That’s when Coastline by Anne Zimmerman was born. 

These products are for anyone who loves where they live and wants to share that love the world. To me, they are like a memento meets fashion statement, designs that tell stories or ask the question “Is it art or is it a map?” My answer is enthusiastically, "It’s BOTH!" 

I currently reside in Tierra Verde, Florida, (with frequent visits to Maine) and my latest collections cover the Maine and Florida Gulf coasts along with a few other favorites. Thanks for stopping by and here's to our favorite coastlines!

Happy Shopping!

~ Anne Zimmerman