About the Designs

What began as a love for home and a quest for a cool map to hang on my wall became a line of bags and accessories that celebrate natural coastal beauty, style, fun, and adventure!


To me, a nautical chart hanging on a wall says something like, “Uh Huh. I live here, I sail here, and I just plain love this place.” It’s coastal, it’s preppy, it’s cool. As a Maine native who spent most of my childhood on a sailboat in the summer, I am a true lover of the ocean and all those nautical charts...but then again, who’s isn't?!

When I left the state on a new adventure west, I found myself wanting to bring a bit of the Maine coast with me. I began working with color and line on a concept to reinvent the nautical chart I wanted to hang on my wall. I wanted my new coastal map to say something more like, “Uh huh. I lived here, I sailed here, I love this place AND I had a whole lot of fun here too!”

That’s when Coastline by Anne Zimmerman was born. 

After an east-coast-west coast-and-back-again jaunt, I currently reside in Tierra Verde, Florida, with my husband, Chris, and our cat, Shamrock. My latest collection features the Gulf Coast from the Tierra Verde to Indian Rocks Beach and includes boat bags, hairbands, zippered pouches, and toiletry bags. I also have several New England lines dedicated to my other home. 

All of these products can be used by anyone who wants to show off their favorite place. To me, they are like memento meets fashion statement, they are designs that tell stories and ask, “Is it art or is it a map?” My answer is enthusiastically, "YES! It’s BOTH!" 

So, next time you want to carry around your favorite place, look me up. If you saw our wedding work and would like to inquire about custom bow ties and scarves, please email me at anne@coastlinebyannezimmerman.com