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Creative Process


It all starts with a little RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT (AKA having fun on the water...!)
But also, before each coastline is added to our seasonal collection or developed for a custom project, we gather a variety of existing maritime maps for reference, we explore the area to get a sense of the culture there, and we fly overhead or use drone or satellite footage to see the coastline from above. Once we understand the flavor of the area, we begin concept drawings and compositions for each product, and from there, the art is refined into a finished line drawing.

Then, we pick some COLORS (AKA the FUN part) ~
This is when we select the hues of the season to represent the land and varying depths of water (bays, deep ocean, canals, marsh, beach, etc) for each coastline. As you can see from our shop gallery, we LOVE color! And we also like to change colors and add new palettes often (mostly because it's too hard to pick favorites.) Ultimately, the final combination of line and color become Anne's signature style and the unique distinction of our brand.

Next, we PRINT the fabric in the USA ~
When the designs are ready for production, they are printed in the USA on our premium, durable, synthetic canvas, designed to wash easily and sustain long days in the sun.

Finally, our stitchers make it REAL ~
The final step of the process is the assembly by our professional stitchers, who take great care to cut and sew each item and deliver them to our inventory shelves to be tagged and packaged for you. 

Our products are fully washable and sunshine-ready™ so you can enjoy them for years to come on all your favorite outings and adventures.

Our QUALITY promise ~
We truly pride ourselves in producing the highest quality handmade goods, and we stand behind our products. If you purchase from us and the item fails, we will repair the item, free of charge. If you have a questions regarding this policy, text Anne at 207.239.4581.