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Our Process

Meet Your Makers 

Behind the creative curtain of Coastline By Anne Zimmerman is a small group of designer and stitchers. Together, we pride ourselves in producing beautiful, quality products with a unique design that customers can't find anywhere else. We aim for the highest level of handmade quality and hope our customers are delighted when they bring one of our products into their home. When you purchase an item from Coastline, you are investing in a product that is carefully made by one of our local team members. We source from local vendors as much as possible, and all of our fabrics are dyed or printed in the USA.  Many of the models seen on our website and throughout our social media feeds are personal friends, neighbors and customers. We hope you like what you see and enjoy your shopping experience. 

Feel free to follow us on Facebook and/or our blog for a behind-the-scenes look at our latest projects and musings as they unfold. We would love for you to join us. 
~Anne Zimmerman

Anne, Owner/Designer 
Maine and Florida
Anne’s insatiable love for the coast is the unending muse behind the work that began as a commemoration of her hometown coastline, Casco Bay (Maine). After lots of exploration and many miles covered by sea, road and air, Anne landed back on the East Coast and shares time between her Maine and Florida homes. Currently Coastline boasts a small, coast-to-coast operation of talented women producing Coastline products in the USA from the regions they represent.

Linda, Maker/Stitcher Extraordinaire
Maine and New England
We are thrilled to have Linda from Linda’s Tailoring and Alterations in Old Orchard Beach, Maine handle the production of our New England Coastline products. Linda has been in the industry for 19 years, producing items for several other Maine Made artisans. With her daughter’s recent move to Asia, Linda looks forward to taking on more creative projects (so don't forget to like her Facebook page if you're in the area!) and staying on top of Skype technology. 

Shari, Stitcher Extraordinaire
Southeast and Mid-Atlantic
Shari and her husband quit their day jobs and moved to Florida to start living life their way. After a career in accounting, Shari wanted to enjoy more creative time sewing and making things. Now Shari runs Just Sew out of Tampa, Florida, tailoring items for Coastline's Southeastern products as well as for other small businesses throughout the country – all while enjoying her sunny Floridian lifestyle.

Dana, Pattern Maker and Stitcher
Pacific Northwest + West Coast
Dana from Dana Baioni Designs and Anne have been collaborating since the beginning on patterns for Coastline products. Dana began by helping Anne translate her product ideas into patterns. With the decision to stay strictly USA-made, Dana began handling production for special projects and wedding ensembles. Dana's former work on other renowned brands helps Coastline constructions shine. There's always something cool going on behind the scenes at Dana's desk. And, her daughter, Lily, is the privileged recipient of some of the coolest Halloween costumes ever, thanks to her super creative mom!