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Custom Coastline Wall Art

Custom Coastline Wall Art

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Work directly with Anne to create a custom piece of art on canvas, designed for you, commemorating your favorite place, signed by Anne Zimmerman. You are buying original art for your home, and you will have the fun experience of being able to share your personal stories with friends and family about the art showcasing your favorite place in your living space.

Custom projects range between 1 and 2 months, so please allow time for this special project. We take a limited number of custom orders a month, so be sure to get your order in as soon as you can to ensure your project can be added to our schedule. You will be in direct contact with Anne throughout the process, so you know where your project stands at every step of the way.

We build custom projects via the following process schedule:

The Consultation (Week 1)
To get started, we will meet on the phone to discuss your favorite place, why you love it, the colors you associate with it, or the colors you wish to see. You get to decide if you want to accentuate your wall art with a special address, longitude and latitude marks, or add a heart or a special pin to the exact location of your spot on the canvas. 

The Initial Design (Week 1)
Anne will create a custom design for you, which will be provided back to you via sketches for review and feedback. Once you are happy with the composition and colors, we will prepare a sample canvas swatch for your review to be sure you are happy with the color selection and aesthetic finish.

The Sample Canvas Swatch (Week 2-3)
The canvas swatch is our fail-safe step to ensure you are perfectly happy with the custom piece. We will ship the swatch and any final details or embellishments so you can see the colors and a portion of the graphics in person to be sure the final canvas will be as you envisioned.

Final Assembly of Your One-Of-A-Kind Wall Art (Week 4-5)
Once you approve your test swatch and final design, we print and assemble the canvas on 2" stretcher bars. You will be in direct contact with Anne at this stage, who will provide shipping and delivery details for your custom wall art!

We take the customization process seriously, and if there are any tweaks or changes that need to be made in order to provide you with the artwork you envision, there may be delays in the process, but we will be fully transparent on timing delays. The final canvas preparation takes the longest, so changes to swatches or to the design after the swatch process may delay the overall timeline by 2-3 weeks. We do our best to manage timelines as efficiently as possible and will always do what we can to hit specific customer deadlines.

If you have a favorite home, childhood haunt or vacation spot in mind, contact Anne to get started creating the ultimate one-of-a-kind item for you to enjoy for years to come. We look forward to working with you.

Text Anne with questions: 207-239-4581.