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Opposites Attract with Palette Knife 12x12, August 5, 2020

Opposites Attract with Palette Knife 12x12, August 5, 2020

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Oil on canvas


Condition: New.

Thank you for checking out my growing gallery of original paintings!

I painted this set of trees because they remind me of me and my husband. We joke that these trees look like us because I am tall with bad posture and a tiny head, and he is a straight stander with a stocky build and a big head. In fact, we joke that our Native American names would be Tiny Head and Big Head. ❤️️ 

This piece is part of my new Sunset Plein Air Series, where I will be painting the coastal sunset or sunrise every day. Most pieces in this series will be offered at debut pricing as low as $100. Each piece is signed on the front, and titled, dated, and signed on the back. I hope you enjoy this series! I have thoroughly enjoyed the practice of documenting the start or end of each day, and the atmosphere, birds and sea life uniquely present for each stunning rise or set. I aim to capture a bit of each day's unique miracle with this painting series. 

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